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Amanda Dick (Author Interview)

2014 Choice-Read Recipient

A freak accident, a 

moment in time, and life 

changes forever... 



You might have passed through an experience that did leave such an imprint in your life, probably it was only a few minutes with someone or somewhere that eventually gave you a non-erasable image about them; an image that is so difficult to be changed even though if days turn out to let you know for sure how wrong or at least incomplete your initial idea was, it just never fades away completely.  

Statistically first impressions hold more than 50% of the image people form for each other, So, giving a good first impression equals to winning at least 50% of your way to your speaker's heart.

But sometimes it's rather complicated to win those with everybody, because people are incredibly different with a wide variety of backgrounds, preferences and expectations which are rather hard to predict, so you find yourself with several questions like: 


-Should I shake hands or shouldn't I? Where to stand exactly? 

-How to address a speaker? Is it appropriate to tell a joke? Is it appropriate to ask this question? And of course getting that confused in the first meeting doesn't leave a good impression at all! 

This book is a brief social manual with a set of simple and to-the-point rules, makes it much easier to always give good first impressions with everybody. 

It covers the main principals of winning any first impression, it makes it easy to make new friends, to impress anyone, to be a star in a family reunion or to do impressively well in a job interview! 


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Isaiah Mathis is a 31 year old, single and hardworking father of one. He decided to leave Florida after his closest friend convinced him to move to Atlanta.

Isaiah is a struggling mechanic with a small business. He enjoyed the single life in Atlanta until meeting the woman of his dreams—Nicole Bennett, an amateur portrait artist.

They were the perfect couple. Working together, his business flourished with Nicole’s organization and management skills. Because of Isaiah’s overwhelming support and encouragement, they planned to open an art gallery showcasing Nicole’s artwork.

Soon after, Isaiah proposed to her, and she gladly accepted.

Then he found out the truth and attempted to murder her...         



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